Now Hiring Associate Photographers

You’ll be the perfect fit if:

  • You enjoy serving others and value great customer service
  • You are organized, dependable, yet laid back and have a calming presence about you
  • You put others first and make them feel special and loved
  • You know how to use your DSLR camera in manual mode as well as how to light your subjects properly
  • At a minimum, you’ve photographed people (landscapes/nature does not count) for at least 6 months and are looking to grow your portfolio further
  • The thought of having more creative opportunities excites you
  • You want to make some extra money using a creative outlet and gain experience in the field

The Details:

As an associate photographer for Kristen Calgaro Photography (KCP), you will be given the opportunity to photograph families and high school senior sessions under KCP. All client communication is done by Kristen, leading up until the day of the session. Associates show up on the session day and photograph the session, then turn over RAW images to KCP for editing according to her style/brand. Kristen continues communication with and delivers the final images to the client. Associate photographers work as an independent contractor under the Kristen Calgaro Photography brand and are paid an agreed upon rate for their work once images are reviewed and deemed as quality.


  • Own at least 1 DSLR or mirrorless camera
  • Must know how to shoot in manual mode, understanding aperture//shutter speed/ISO triangle and how to manage changing light outdoors; must be comfortable using/learning flash; must shoot in RAW format (not jpeg)
  • Own at least 1 high quality prime lens or be willing to rent one as needed.
  • Must be a good communicator (in-person as well) and considered a “people person”
  • Must be willing to train with me, unpaid, for at least 2 sessions (this is considered a trial period)
  • Must be dependable and committed; ideally, associates would be available to accept at least 10 sessions in 2024
  • Must put customer service and providing a wonderful experience FIRST above all else; must be organized and able to pivot based on changing circumstances (problem-solving and flexibility)


  • Pay is $150 per 60 min session
  • Images photographed by associates may be used for their own portfolio, however Kristen Calgaro Photography’s (KCP) clients may not be tagged on social media.
  • Images can only be posted online after the galleries have been delivered and must include a disclaimer that they were photographed while working for Kristen Calgaro Photography; sending galleries to KCP clients is strictly prohibited, even if requested by the client.
  • Associates may not solicit business for themselves while working for Kristen Calgaro Photography as they are working as a contractor and extension of KCP.

Note: Kristen allows associates to continue working not only for their own business but also for other photographer’s businesses and does not require exclusivity.